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About Infovisa

Infovisa is an independent provider of data processing systems and related services for bank trust departments, independent trust companies, not-for-profit foundations, colleges, and universities. Infovisa was founded in 1992 when it was determined that there was a need for a Windows based, automated performance measurement system. Shortly there after Infovisa became the trust industry's first company to release such a system. ETR (Enhanced Trust Reporting) proved to be a very powerful solution for many users and Infovisa quickly became a leader in the industry.

After realizing the success from ETR, Infovisa again looked at how the trust industry operates and serves their clients. The focus was directed toward trust accounting and we quickly realized that there was an immense need for a system that was built upon the computing standards of today.

On January 2, 1997 we released ETA (Enhanced Trust Accounting). This marked the industry's first real-time, Windows-based trust accounting application. ETA also became the core product in our MAUIā„¢ suite of products. Infovisa has placed the best all around system on the market in an efficient, robust, scalable, and modular product offering.

In 2000, we launched our first subsidiary, Retirement Direct, which is an Employee Benefit recordkeeping outsource solution. Retirement Direct provides their clients with the ability to focus on their customers and not the back office responsibilities of maintaining Employee Benefits accounts. With a high level of service and using state of the art technology, Retirement Direct can deliver a solution to our clients in helping them build their business.

In 2003, Infovisa entered the service industry by initiating our own pricing service. We did this because we had the technology to delivery an exceptional service at a cost that would be affordable to our clients. We rolled this and future services out through a business model known as an Application Service Provider (ASP). This allows our clients to take advantage of a solution that lessens the service requirement for them by coming directly to us and not the pricing vendor directly. We have expanded our ASP services to include web hosting, web statements, OFAC/FinCEN compliance reporting, and direct online equity trading.

Infovisa is privately held by a holding company that focuses on possessing companies that serve the financial services industry. Over the years, the family-owned holding company has initiated new companies to explore opportunistic market niches. Affiliated companies of Infovisa serve clients all across the country and many are market leaders in their respective markets. The national headquarters for Infovisa is in Cornelius, North Carolina with offices in Denver, Colorado and Lincoln, Nebraska. Today Infovisa serves more than 150 clients nationwide.

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