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MAUI Cloud Services

MAUI Cloud Services is for those firms that would rather not maintain additional internal technology infrastructure. This service delivers the MAUI suite of software in an Application Service Provider (ASP) environment. Clients of INFOVISA that utilize this service eliminate many of the system requirements that traditionally come with running a system in-house. This includes the need to purchase and maintain server hardware, database software, and managing software upgrades. Users are able to easily connect remotely via an Internet connection. All data is stored within INFOVISA’s data centers in a SAS 70 environment. Firms that are looking to store their data offsite and outsource the technology requirements of owning an in-house system will want to utilize MAUI Cloud Services.

For the last six years Infovisa has been developing services that are complementary to MAUI in an Application Service Provider (ASP) environment. By moving our services into an ASP framework we are able to offer our clients a higher degree of reliability, accuracy and automation. All of these services are designed by the same team of software developers who build MAUI giving us a higher level of integration than can be achieved if Infovisa were to simply develop an interface to a third-party vendor. These services are operated out of our dual, SAS70 certified, data centers.

Infovisa Pricing Service

The Infovisa Pricing Service delivers price and other asset synoptic data to MAUI clients for the securities held in their accounts. On a nightly basis, through a completely automated process developed in its entirety by Infovisa, pricing requests from clients are immediately accepted and filled. In addition, clients can also request prices on-the-fly or set up a new security in MAUI automatically. The Infovisa Pricing Service is immeasurably more reliable and efficient than old file transfer mechanisms.

Infovisa Printing Service

Infovisa's premier printing service provides a one-stop solution that can accommodate all of our clients printing needs. Clients can create customized customer statements, schedule them for printing, and have Infovisa complete the printing and mailing process. The transmission of the data happens in a secure manner saving clients time and concern. All of this is done by working directly with INFOVISA as opposed to establishing and administering another third-party relationship.

Compliance Services

Infovisa's two compliance service offerings, OFAC and FinCEN reporting, aid our clients in complying with federally mandated monitoring regulations in a completely automated manner. Secure data is transmitted from our clients to our data center where it is compared against a third party application and exception reports are created. Infovisa clients can then log in to a website to view, print or download these reports. The primary benefit to clients who use these services is peace of mind in knowing they are complying with two critical pieces of federal regulation.

Electronic Trading Interface

Infovisa offers a fully automated equity trading interface through our partnership with a third-party broker. This interface allows clients to execute trades electronically and have those trade orders filled in real-time, all of which is completely integrated within MAUI. Unlike our competitors, there is no need to use a separate application or go to a website when conducting the trading. Through use of this service, clients can achieve true, 100% automated straight-thru-processing for their equity trades.

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