The Core of Our Comprehensive Platform

Our full suite of products and services all starts with MAUI®. The engine of our trust accounting platform, MAUI was designed to make trust professionals’ jobs easier. With an intuitive design and powerful, real-time reporting, more and more trust professionals are relying on MAUI to power their growth and meet clients’ needs. 


Easy to Use
  • No learning and re-learning codes
  • Simple account opening and maintenance with integrated CRM
  • Clear, intuitive navigation
  • Customizable, role-based dashboards
Real-Time Efficiency
  • Data is always up-to-date
  • Automatic, immediate updates
  • Real-time error checking
Powerful Reporting Tools
  • Easily produce reports for an "as of" date
  • Advanced Grid Technology® makes client presentations a snap
  • Integrated, automated modeling for mutual funds
  • Built-in performance measurement reporting

Maui® Modules: Customize to Get Exactly What You Need

We built the most advanced trust accounting application from the ground up. And we keep building. Using constant feedback from users, we’ve created modules that can be added onto the MAUI platform, giving you a robust, scalable, customized solution that helps you take care of your customers.
Infovisa Client Portal
Unparalleled online reporting and account access.

The Infovisa Client Portal is our online portal for you and your clients. Your customers can customize dashboards and view reports to get the information they need in a way that makes sense to them. Customers can also download statements, reducing printing and mailing expenses. Designed for mobile first, the Infovisa Client Portal puts the power in the hands of your customers, 24/7.

Document Management
Scan and store documents in a secure, separate SQL database.

Completely integrated within MAUI is a Document Management system that gives all users access to documents, and creates an efficient document storage solution that helps you reduce physical storage costs. Fast access to documents and information helps streamline processes, and enhances your customer service. 

MAUI Cloud Services
Host MAUI software on your company’s servers, or let us take care of it for you.

If you’d prefer not to host MAUI, we’ll securely host the network, backups, Windows licensing, SQL licensing, security administration and more. It’s one more thing off your plate, letting you spend even more time working directly with your clients.

MAUI Investment Manager
Model and rebalance accounts with real-time processing.

MAUI Investment Manager is integrated right into MAUI to enable you to model and rebalance accounts with real-time processing. This powerful, comprehensive module lets you model multiple asset types, track performance measurement, and process trades seamlessly. 

Account Review & Risk Manager (ARRM)
Review accounts easily with this web-based application.

One of our most used and most popular modules, ARRM lets you easily review accounts on a web-based application. With data pulled directly from MAUI, you can customize reports for account reviews and even create, assign, route and monitor various tasks automatically. Collaborative and powerful, ARRM puts more information at your disposal.

Additional MAUI Services

In addition to the powerful MAUI engine and its robust modules, we offer a few specialized services:

  • Compliance Reporting for meeting OFAC and FinCEN compliance requirements.
  • Statement Printing for your customers, handled completely by us.
  • Securities Pricing for all fixed income, mutual fund and equity securities. 

See for Yourself

We’d love to show you what MAUI, our innovative modules, and our customer-first services can do for you.